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Wow, I am alive! And you are Alive! What amazing this is!

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Good day all, sorry for this super in your face header.
But… I did realize this morning that I am alive and kicking and that I did wake up.
And whilst listening to Sadghuru, realized this.
And I had realized this in the past due to him, this morning again.
Love it.

It is so true to me.
Feel it in my bones!
Each and every day the clock ticks.
And the ticking we hear is not time … it’s our lives slowly or quickly ticking away.
Each and every day, there it goes, tik, tik, tik our lives.
So, as you have arrived here… and probably you are alive or at least not dead yet ;0)

I invite you to with me celebrate this realization.
Just take moment now for you and me…
feel your breath going in ….
going out…
focus on being grateful for your longs
which help you live on this planet earth…
a kind of tiny spaceship,
which hurls trough space,
around a life-giving energy source, the sun, ah… hold it,
don’t’ get too excited…
back to breathing again…
breath in…
slowly breath out…
feel the tingling sensation running down your spine,
whilst breathing and realizing this,
you and me we are alive…

Big hug from me to you…
for free ha,ha and also for free wish you an amazing day …
even in the smallest things you will experience today…
do it with focus…
get distracted start breathing slowly…
and focus… on
the sun,
the clouds,
how beautiful they are,

the wind rustling trough the leaves which are radiant and colour full
(deep dark red, yellowish brown, ahhh) beautiful.

thanks for you visit and once more

B I G hug and enjoy your day,

warm regards,


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