Argument? Turns into a fight? Screaming? Why?

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Good day all. Wish you had a great day yesterday and today off course also. Today due to articles I have read would like to share the findings. Actually let me make it easy for us all and also allow the one who wrote it to be in the attention.

I have found during my life so far, that the way I was brought up has taught me how to scream (sadly enough). And for long I wanted not to scream but although I have studied for example none violent communication and more on the subject, still did not fully get to the core of why and how this behaviour came to be with me. So now per accident found this article from the wall street journal which I found resonating with me.

In short:

–feeling of not being heard–
–then in order to be heard, start to speak louder and/or scream–
–leading to the audience even to listen less–

So by doing the above we keep the circle going.

Here you find the link to the article explaining it a bit more elaborate if your interested, ps believe the article is in Dutch. Would you like to have in English, sent a mail to so we can translate this for you.

Warm regards Misja

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