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What do you want?

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Welcome at iamyourcoach.
Great you are here. Let’s jump in it right away (or on it).
Let me ask you an importent question, what do you want?
If you say I dont know, let me rephrase the question,
imagine you would know what you want, what would that look like?
If there are no limitations, like you have a magic want and can make anything happen,
what would you then wish for?

For me it’s always complicated and simple at the same time,
and also its dynamic, my wanting’s seem to change.
They shift overtime (also as I grew older,
my wanting’s did change).

Tough under it all there is a universal wanting,
the basis for all my wishes, the effort I put in life.
Being loved. Being loved by my parents, my friends,
the woman I married and who left again.
The woman I married and stayed. Love or as someone once said love is look for good in others.
So I wish my thoughts planted a seed
from which you find your answer on what it is you are wanting.


Warm regards, Misja

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