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War, why this obsession? What has it ever brought besides pain, suffering & death…

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Welcome to iamyourcoach. Not sure how you are doing, but I am stil trying to wrap my head arround war. What is the use of infading another country and then destroy it? Why? What does it bring you? How childish is that? What has happened to that person to cause him to act that way? What is he or are they trying to achieve? Troughout history offcourse many nations have done the same. I was just wishing we (human beings) had moved on, grown, realizing I am you, you are me and combined we can achieve more. Lets see what happens next. Would be a pitty if some of those (mentally unstable) persons would blow up our world. Then again we are just a spec of dust in the entire universe and life wil find its way, with or without us…..

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