Traveling While Black, a virtual reality documentary which packs a punch!

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Good day again, welcome at iamyourcoach. Would like to share my experience on visiting the above documentary. Similar as I shared before the impact on me of the VR experience visiting the House of Anne Frank, this one also had a profound impact on me.

So testing what VR is and what you can do and how it will affect us, watched or experienced the above documentary (traveling while black). There is an older lady (and more people of course) who tell the story how it used to be when you had to travel in America when you are black. The challenges faced. So those who wanted to travel created this green book in which safe places where there. Which means as a black person during those days, if you wanted to get gasoline, if you needed a rest stop all that was covered in there so they good get support from other black people in order to be able to go around. Even on the busses for example if you need a toilet brake or something to eat, you needed to plan and be prepared cause outside the black community as a black you would not get that support (actually the basic things which I can have every day, anytime, they could not).

So the lady is being interviewed also there is a conversation between this lady and another who are both already of age. And it’s like your sitting next to them listening to their conversation. And when you really pay attention it must have been really strange and awful to have to go trough that. At one point she shares that in fact they where treated worse then animals. So yeah all of that again had huge impact on me. As I am born in a reasonable free country. And also in Europe I can travel around reasonable free (now with Corona it has changed off course a bit) so it’s hard to imagine the suffering people have gone trough.

Besides that also a woman / mother was interviewed which is more recent and she explained from a mothers perspective what happened to her cause her son has been shot and what she had to go trough, her loss and not being able to properly be there for her son to say goodbye (I am typing and as I type I feel shivers down my spine as I remember her talking and tears role down my face).

So this thing in our world, where we compare people and treat people differently based on whatever is the reason for that my wish is that due to the mixing and mingling of us all, at one point we realize (as Astronauts do I believe) it’s one small globe in this big universe we live on, altogether lets work together to make it work. My experience is, when you approach one another in thought or think about one another in thought and do not meet, you create distance, misunderstandings and so on.

When you hang out together and you let all perceptions, idea’s go, I have experienced that underneath it all, we are all just human beings, born in a certain culture, raised with certain habits, but in the end the same core raw materials (start dust), so as I have heard from guru’s, coaches and other people, kindness is the way forward.

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Warm regards, Misja

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