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The mesmerizing beauty of the golden fire in the sky, a sunset!

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Good day, welcome and great you are visiting. I am sitting at a French balcony. I see clouds and pieces of sky coloured by an amazing colour, dark and bright shreds of pink, purple shining over rooftops trough the top leaves of a tree. Birds chirping in the background. Soft breeze ….. ahhhh. And before that spend the day in a piece of land Kootwijk where there’s sand, trees, small amazing coloured bugs, birds nature…

Sun sets

Just before I sat down here, was watching program on National Geographic regarding Europe from above. There they showed buildings and stuff made by us humans. Also nice and some seem amazing due to location and challenges to build those structures. Some build not so long ago, others thousands of years ago during the roman empire. Still as per my personal opinion I am in awe at natural structures and off course this thing, the amazing sunset. A dynamic peace of art, appearing from nothing to look at and admire, forcing me to stand still, take time, not think just take it all in and enjoy the beauty provided by nature. Thank you nature for these amazing moments.

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