The true power which comes from vulnerability!

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While I was watching a Ted Talk about vulnerability, I got truly inspired.
This was by Brené Brown.
She has done extensive research to come to a conclusion what’s underlying vulnerability
(Studied over period of 6 years, 1000’s of stories, focus groups which resulted in 1000’s pieces of data which she analysed). This to find the pattern, crack the code and fix us humans.

The work she done expanded her perception and changed the way she
loved, learned, worked, parented and lived.

What is essential is what us humans are about:
-connection is why we are here
-it gives purpose and meaning to our lives

What she found is:
when you ask people about Love
they tell you about heartbreak,

When asked about belonging
people shared excruciating experiences about being excluded

and when talking about connection
whole stories are shared about disconnection.

Under all this she found to be an unnamed thing.
This unnamed thing unravelled the connection…
the thing is Shame, the fear of disconnection!

When studying those focus groups for years what she realized
about the ones who had a strong sense of love and belonging,
they believed they are worthy.
Wholehearted people, living from a deep sense of worthiness.

Her conclusion was to work on those, and it has profoundly changed her live.
I invite you to visit Brené Brown watch her TED Talks and get inspired like she did with me!

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