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Cancelations for consult has to be done 24 hours in advance. If cancelled within the 24 hour period the session price will be charged.

Iamyourcoach practice for Lifecoaching and hypnotherapy will keep the right to without refund move sessions in case of diseases, fallout, sirrious Ilness off family or funerals which will make it not possible to do a proper session.


All payments are done prior or at the date time of the session. Payment can be done by bank transfer or cash.

Session duration

The prices are per session, not per hour. Important is reaching the goal of the session, if it last 30 or 75 minutes.De prijzen zijn per sessie, niet per uur. The most sessions take 45 to 60 minutes, those times depend on the purpose and progression during the sessions.

No medical services

A hypnotherapist is no doctor, psychiatrist, psychologist or diëtist. I will not make a medical diagnose, prescribe medication and do not provide medical services or dietary advice. All my approaches for improvement of you life are based on well known documented and accepted therapies methods within the hypnotherapy.

No hypnosis offers guarantee. All people responds different to hypnosis and therapy, which is the same for people who use medicines. No hypnotherapist will be able to guarantee the end result, no doctor, psychiatrist, shrink, psychotherapist will be able to give those guaranties. Giving off the signal results are guaranteed, is unjust and unethical. What I can guarantee I have spent my whole life to learn about us as humans and what motivates us and what are tools and techniques to have the most fulfillment in life. And I will use all off that including my commitment for you to reach your goals by learning how you can help yourself. Part of this works includes your full commitment in order to achieve your goals.


With the use of hypnosis you will gain magnificent results, still here you find the clause for disputes. In case of a dispute which means the client is not satisfied in regards to the methods used (or results, see above), you can not claim, as hypnotherapy is a cooperation between client and the hypnotherapist. So to be clear the result is very dependent of the motivation and dedication of you as a client. So I will do my work well, provide the proper setting and apply the proper techniques and suggestions the proper outcome will be there when the client accepts those suggestions and takes them to hart.

If in the highly unlikely event for dispute and unsatisfaction all suggestions can be removed. Hypnotherapy is a mental process, so all given input can be undone. In no case whatsoever any damage, and damage refund or acceptance of such claims will be accepted.


By making an appointment you automatically accept these general terms and conditions.

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