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Welcome, I know it’s not about me, it’s about you and the stress and challenges you face. And you want to become relaxed and stress free.

Having said that, in order for you to understand who it is that would be supporting you, do want to share a bit of my background for the purpose to get a feel for me and if I would be the right person for you. So below my story (or at least part of it)

I was doing reasonable well “great” job, family, hobbies but never felt fulfilled and continues self doubt. Always on the move and never enjoying the moment.

Did not matter what I did, how hard I worked, all the things I accomplished. Also the rewards and compliments for work well done, seemed never enough making me work even harder.
Being reliable, not easy saying no, not asking for help and feeling accountable and responsible for all things…

This led to burn out like symptoms, and ended in not feeling. Not sure if you have been there or if you are there now, it’s terrible once your there. For me I was visiting family for example, and I was there, but I felt all alone. And because of my nature not wanting to bother others, could not talk or share how I truly felt and in what dark place I was.

What I have gained from this after overcoming these none feeling stages, the insight that we do not have to be there or get there. When helped or simple if you can get connected with people who listen, without judging but being there for you it can already be a relieve. Besides that, Jim Carry shared that depressed should be interpreted as deep rest. So you need deep rest when you have become depressed.

What I did, as I had a coaching background and all my life studied self development, self-help and so on books, trainings and more, was keep going. And suspect due to my upbringing (which I suspect many people may have in a similar fashion) I never listened to my feelings. Suck it up and keep going, you will be fine. And what I found is when you Suck it up and keep going you actually will not be fine but you will be fined.


Hence why if you are in that spot or before that (not feeling, depressed, suicidal, or if your life looks great on paper, but in reality is killing you, please talk to me and if not to me at least talk to someone and seek help. You do not have to do it alone. Visit our emergency page with reference to official help lines for the UK, US & Netherlands

One more thing, and please just take it in,
and if you have done things you are not proud off,
but looking for positive change:
You are fine as  you are…
It took over 20 years for me
to make peace with my mind
and self doubt even longer to release anxiousness.
I had to learn that saying yes to myself didn’t mean I was saying no to others.
Life is short (depending on your mental state, your mindset) and you have lost enough time…
So let my challenges be used for good and
speed up creating the life you want, start a stransformative conversation


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