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The start of Spring. Warm feelings rise up from the inside, it’s beautiful!

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Good day all, welcome to iamyourcoach.nl. Last night I spent quality time with my son. We had fun, watched a good movie and relaxed. This morning when I woke up, heard the birds “talk” more birds then normal as the temperature is going up, you hear nature come alive after this short brief winter time. Did you skate on the ice? I did, I lived in the moment. Not thinking but feeling and acting upon what was possible during that short winter time. Nice feeling when you are skating over the ice, wind on your face, getting bit numb cause of the cold, but makes you feel alive.

And today as it’s sunny, walked in forest with my son. And later during the day set in the sun, enjoying the sun on my face. And after that my youngest kid started a fire with friends, which we later joined and set watching the flames flicker, so nice as the sun did set. Perfect day. And suspect many days can be perfect as they all are perfect. The only time when days are not perfect it’s the way we think about them, or comparison we do. When we label the days this or that. But when we live in the moment, being alive, enjoying or experiencing what comes as it comes then you can be more relaxed, in the moment, thankful for this gift called live.

My wish for you is you have similar experiences and I wish you are in a good place. If you are not and in low point of your life please take time to reach out for help. We are not alone and can always ask for help. I wish you good weeks to come and thank you for visiting us.

In case you want to respond and share your thoughts I invite you to mail to: mail@iamyourcoach.nl

Have a great week, Warm regards Misja

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