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What’s with the new year?

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Now your here let’s philosophize for a while. What’s with the new year?

New Years resolutions, party, miljons spent on fireworks, accidents, rubbish on the street, get drunk, alone, together but still feeling alone, happy children, nice food, celebrate, friends, letting go… actually each and every day can be like that. Its morning, you wake up, so you are still here, alive and when you have no illness you have even more reasons to be gratefull. Close your eyes for a bit more…hear the birds outside…

stretch fully, feel your body, scan your body head to toes, your head, neck, sholders upper back, lower back, your arms, elbows, wrists, hands, fingers… your hips, upper legs, lower legs, heels, the bridge of your feet, feet, all toes…ahhhhh on your out breath let all unneeded tension and stress go, release on the out breath, yes that’s it, deep breath in…hold…and ahhhhh.

Sit up straight by rolling over your left or right shoulder, eyes still closed, feel your feet on the floor (does it feel cold, warm or ….) you still hear the birds and surroundings…stay like this on the side of your bed, realize you are still alive…and now is the beginning of a new day, all things are possible, moments, experiences, wind with you or against , do not judge experience this day… and be the best version of you, whatever that may be. Don’t feel more or less than others, feel do not judge, experience… and live. Grass grows, birds fly, nature just does its thing by being, start being…

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