You almost died, experienced amazing, scary or strange things, searching for meaning… and why?

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Today I watched a documentary about live after death. People who had near death experiences and the unexplainable things which they experience in this state of being.

 A woman who came back, afterwards had trouble with the emotional burdens she carried with her. This brought me to the thought about us human beings. And what it is we are looking for or think we need.

For example this beautiful planet we are living on and still we want to discover the universe. We are living on this earth and still we want to make contact with spirits, the afterlife. Why? What will this bring us?

Being in the here and now, enjoy, being grateful for ourselves, the lives we have been given can bring much more peace of mind and satisfaction. The eternal search for meaning, it has to be useful, why are we here… let it go, be here now, enjoy in gratitude. I wish you a wonderful day …

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