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Perhaps you do not realize it, but life is finite.
Let me repeat life is finite.


Each day you get a bucket full of minutes.
Which if you do not spent them (waste them) will be gone forever.
You can not get back time.
You can correct your doings and learn from what you have done & experienced.
In the end it’s finite and you will grow old (if lucky) and you will leave your current body.
I am writing current body as I do not know if there are other life’s or what happens after we leave.

So what you want your life to be about?
How you want to look back at the most important book you will ever create, your own?
And realize no matter what you all collect here and now, it will all be left behind in the end.
So let’s start today to create a life you can look back at in the future and enjoy.

First let’s look at the negative thought patterns which we have learned or picked up in our past.
Those thought patterns are written in our subconscious and are kind of like the glasses or filters trough which we judge situations and things that happen to us.
And although things can happen to us, which we are not happy about,
it’s not wise to burden them with even more weight via our negative thought patterns.

Things happen, either negative or positive it’s just happenings.
Either we can do something about it or not, that’s it.
If we can do something, do it, if not, stop thinking about it, focus your attention elsewhere.
Which brings me to today.

Today is the start of the first day of the rest of your life! Let’s make a plan.

Below you find information on hypnosis,
hypnotherapy and how you can use this,
to create a life you want. Clear “old” negative thought patterns
and replace them with better ones.

Your mind consist of your consciousness where current thinking takes place
and your sub- / unconscious where feelings are generated, memories and behaviours are stored.
Only 5% of your daily decisions are made consciously, 95% happens subconsciously.
To change your life for the positive,
shift has to happen on the subconscious level.

Positive change trough hypnotherapy

Unfortunately our subconscious can decide differently then how our conscious likes it.
The subconscious is protected, like kind of a bouncer at a night club, that’s why change is sometimes difficult.
This bouncer steps aside during hypnosis allowing the new and positive suggestions to sink in.
And that’s what we are here for at iamyourcoach.

We take you into an enjoyable trance via our voice,
you are aware of everything, you can remember everything
and you will absorb those positive new suggestions that you would like.
Hypnosis is completely natural and scientifically proven.

Here’s how we get started:
sent us a mail to receive the free mp3 which will help you to relax.
You make sure you are not disturbed, phone off, door closed, this will be your time to relax deeply now.
Make yourself comfortable on a chair or laying on your couch or bed for example.
Then enjoy the track.

Besides that book a free consultation call with us now, no obligations.
This will be a 30 minute talk to get to know each other,
do we have click and when yes, decide on the possible therapy,
And we will find out what’s your ask.
The therapy can take place on location or remotely via video call.

You can change your life via hypnotherapy…

Thanks for visiting us at iamyourcoach and your attention.
Look forward to speaking with you to work on the life you would like.
Change has never been so easy…

Get rid of fears:
social phobias
and more……

Change your internal blue print

(from negative to positive, from not doing to active, take control of your life)
to create the life you imagine….

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