How amazing it would be when you can deeply & fully experience relaxation… it will make your life great!

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Welcome to iamyourcoach. Today I was sitting on my balcony. The wind was blowing through the trees nearby and I heard that soft blowing of the wind…. A bird making a cuckoo sound, some bird’s tjirping…..

The above really brought my attention back to the environment… relaxing…. peaceful and as I was listening and experiencing, feeling the wind on my face, the sun warming my body I focused my attention on the breath…. took a good deep breath in, and as I breathed out, let any tension I felt anywhere in my body go….. deep breath in…. and letting go ahhhhhh….

After the outbreath holding the breath, 1, 2, 3, 4 and deep breath in, this relaxed me even more…….

So I invite you the coming days when you have tension, feel stressed to take a moment and do what I did….

Enjoy your week

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