And there it was Corona! What has it caused in our world, have people become even more stressful ?

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How are you doing now corona is the new normal, stressful? Do you recognise being at home, working, your kids making homework or that is the idea. Online meeting still all want attention and there talking to you. STRESSFUL right…? Then all the news, different opinions, changes in daily live, how will it be, what to expect…? Less or different contact with family and friends. Your daily habit is different, how do you deal with that? And how can you keep your attention on the positive? At this moment there is so much offer to work on your stress. Below how you can deal with this and what you can do about it.


Attention Shift?
How to move on

First of all where is your focus, with all that’s happening to you. When your attention is on that which you can not control, shift your attention to what you can control. The amount of information which media pours over you (of what you allow to be pored over you) brings you nothing. Watch news moderately to stay informed about the last rules and agreements and leave the rest (talk shows and updates). It does not alter the outcome, it’s all stories and in the end when a treatment is found or other improvements will hear it all. When you look at how people work together, the re-appreciation (home-schooling has brought enormous insight into my impatience with my son of 7 years old) like for his teachers… Spontaneous aid projects to people who are less mobile, example the students who help out all positive news….

Focus on sporting at home, information on meditation a good book, new recipes, walking. Focus on stuff that is useful to you and let the negative pass by. Catch yourself stuck in your brain, watching negative news or listing to the negative stories, you decide where to focus and to shift the focus. And from experience, you feel better after exercise or moving, meditating or listening / watching people who inspire you (you-tube or other). Be conscious on when you want to avoid unrest, stress do not use avoidance behaviour like overeating, drinking… replace this by habits which contribute to you health physical as well as mental.

Take care of yourself…

There is enough to take care of yourself, shift your focus on feeling well from all kinds of sources. If you find it a challenge it takes only one step to get going. Take that step by scheduling a no-cost discovery call in which we can share how we can assist you with relaxing, re-focusing which will result in reducing your issues.

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