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Consciousness, find the spaciousness in yourself

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Welcome all, not sure if you still visit iamyourcoach, I have not posted anything for a long time.
Reason (excuse ;0) was finding inspiration for myself. Whilst being stuck in my ego state. And that is a challenging one or at least it is / was for me. It triggers you when you are looking at the world trough your thinking mind. As the thinking wants to keep itself alive it seems and believes all that is being thought about. And it’s all just thoughts, not true, or true it is the isness of things that my mind is busy with. So strategically thinking trough whole conversations about thoughts about the world……


And what happens at those moments, your stuck in your head…..
In a conceptual world made up by my brain in a reaction to others brains…….

And when you are stuck in your brain, thinking you are not in the here and know, where life is happening.
It's the sense perceptions hearing, seeing, tasting, feeling... which make you experience the world around  you. 

For example when:
I walk in a forest and shift my attention from thinking to my surroundings..... hear the wind rustling trough the leaves and branches,
feel the wind on my face and the warmth of the sun,
notice a bird flying away .... 
then looking in the distance see a small dear .... behind a bush,
ahhh nice,
notice time slows down and speeds up at the same time,
although contradicting..... 
it's due to focus experience the walk intensely.... 
and then 1,5 hours have passed which feel like 5 minutes......

So for the coming days would like to invite you to be more aware of the moments when you are stuck in your brain in your thinking, shift your focus (on your breathing, or intensely look at your surroundings) to see how that can relax you and make you experience the here and now more….

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