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I am grateful to be alive! What about you?

Hits: 1Good day all, welcome nice you are here! I woke up this morning, early and I realized I was alive again at that moment. Then I sat down on the side of the bed and let that thought and related feeling sink in… I am alive, I just woke up. Many people probably did …


Argument? Turns into a fight? Screaming? Why?

Hits: 1 Good day all. Wish you had a great day yesterday and today off course also. Today due to articles I have read would like to share the findings. Actually let me make it easy for us all and also allow the one who wrote it to be in the attention. I have found …


What do you want?

Hits: 3Welcome at iamyourcoach. Great you are here. Let’s jump in it right away (or on it).Let me ask you an importent question, what do you want?If you say I dont know, let me rephrase the question, imagine you would know what you want, what would that look like? If there are no limitations, like …


Why is nature so magnificent?

Hits: 4Good day and from Turkey this time. On average 30-38 degrees Celsius, sun is shining, sometimes a soft cooling breeze takes away the heat. Swimming in salt water, cooling down whilst softly wading trough the water. Drinking Ayran and eating Lamahayun and donner in short relaxing. When driving around see mountains and deniz which …