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Anne Franks House, change in perspective due to VR

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Hello I have been investigating VR (Virtual Reality) lately and I must say it has expanded my understanding of history. Given me a new perspective and deeper understanding. So you might ask, how did that happen?

I was visiting Anne Franks house in VR. And they made it in a way that it really grabbed me. The story is told by a narrator and besides that phrases are read from Anne diary by a woman’s voice, a young woman which made me experience it was like Anne was talking.

As I was going trough the house and was hearing the story of what happened to Anne and her family, it was terrible no horrific.
A young woman, just born on this earth, with hopes and dreams, studying and dreaming of a better future.

The way they appreciated looking out of a window in seeing the clear blue skye, or tree in front of the house. And realize they had to do it with stealth cause if they would be caught…
Eating Sauer kraut for days as that was the only thing they had, so when hungry you tend to accept such things.

What struck me the most, is they got caught and where brought to the camps in Germany and later transferred to other camp. The circumstances there where awful to say the least. And then the irony, 2 month’s before the war ended she and her sister died…

It brought tears to my face and the realization that some mentally disturbed people can set this up and get whole bunches off people to join in these horrific actions.

I always just went with liberation day and the festivities and rituals around it never realizing what people have gone trough, truly. Now due to this VR experience and the way it was shared, I got a glimpse and realize this sad part of our history.

I wish and invite us all to never let such things happen again.

Warm regards Misja

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