Although there is Abundance all around us, why not smile!

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Today after having spent time with my son during the day, I was watching a program about villages in the Netherlands, also called fishing villages. Several woman born around 1920 shared their stories about how life was during those times. No water, flushing toilets, vacuum cleaners, electricity, heating and more of things they did not have.

The houses were heated or at least part of it with petroleum and also cooking was done that way. Several times a year the town got flooded due to high water, rough southern sea. Most people did not have much money to live from and the girls started working already at an early age, no proper schooling. She did share they seemed more happy during those days. And when I did see the sparkle in her eyes when she talked about hot running water. Light at the flick of a switch and more, made me realize (bit ashamed) how much we have these days but we do not realize this. When you walk around town you see many people with no smile on their faces…..

So this year during our Covid pandemic let us focus also on all that we have and can be grateful for and realize the different in standard of living for large part of the population compared to 1900’s

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