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How was your week?
Busy, stressed out, no energy, irritated, no focus on possibilities actually lost in impossibilities?
Then you’re in the right place. Here we are going to work on your

  • peace of mind,
  • relaxation,
  • energy,
  • being receptive
  • and focus on your possibilities!

Our approach

First, we will have a conversation to get acquainted. Who are you, who am I, what are your pain points? On the basis of this we will create a Plan of Action. We look at what approach fits you best as a person. There are always multiple roads that lead to Rome, if we pick the “wrong” one, which does not fit with you, it will be suffering ;0) So which approach fits you the most.

Because of my personal approach and custom solutions (in which I do make use of existing and proven methods from Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy) you will get the most out of yourself with my support & guidance.

Key is:

  • You can do a lot…
  • You can do so much more then you think you can…
  • only because of what you have been through…
    • your carrying capacity is weakened,
    • your faith in yourself has been broken,
    • and when you have started to believe in that,
      • then it’s downhill from there and you cannot recover without help.
  • Asking for help,
  • Asking for support,
  • being vulnerable & open,
  • is what is needed, but not a thing we often choose
    • (Due to the way we have been raised,
      conditioning, “negative” experiences and more…)
  • Luckily that is resolved cause now you’re here with us, and we are here for you!

My story (the reflected extract)
There I was, this little pile of man ;0) in the big hands of my father.
A live for me and totally no realization, ahhh love it.
For as far as I know I was an empty page.

Then Life, first the setting:

Manic depressive mother, religious father, two sisters & me.

The challenges:
growing up, health, school, people, expectations, judgements, disappointments, hurt, insecurity, pain, aggression, discipline, faith…

Warmth, being loved, security, support, safety, re-enforcement…

Self-reliance, hard, aggressive, fanaticism, never giving up, carrying on to the bone, insecure, distrustful, life is a fight…

Look what’s above is not unique. We all have bits and pieces of the above, I have been lucky because I know there are people who have experienced (and still experience) much worse than me. Another important aspect:

  • it’s a story…
  • let it sink in for a moment…
  • it’s a story…
  • it’s not right, wrong, the truth, those are all interpretations.
  • It’s my idea of what it’s been like for me.
  • What I mean by that,
  • when you let several people go through my life
  • (let them experience it)
  • they can have a completely different experience (positive, or negative).

This I all overcame. And the above is an extract of the life lessons I have learned so far.
My focus and purpose in life is:

life is short,
enjoy your life as much as possible,
within what’s possible
and with as many people as possible.

Background worked all my life in various jobs. Besides that, spend my whole life till know investigating us humans, what motivates us, what makes life worth living with focus on self-development. Studied to be the Life Coach & Studied to be the Hypnotherapist. And each day still study to grow (mind set, latest & oldest tools & techniques for permanent positive change, shifts in perception)

For guidance and support reach out to us via What sup or E-mail or book an appointment (consultation call) for free (approx. 30 minutes) to see how we can support you to create a positive shift to for your life.

Warm regards iamyourcoah

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